Terms and Conditions

Stochasis Management Consultancy S.A. (henceforth “the Company”) has taken every precaution to ensure the accuracy of information contained on this site.

Visitors to the site are not obliged to record or reveal any classified personal information, like for example personal names, addresses or telephone numbers. The Company does not request information of this sort. No technology for collecting such information is used by the Company. The Company does have methods for collecting information, which, however, is not related to individual persons, but is rather of a general nature, like, for example the browser used or recordings of the number of visitors to the site.

There is a contact form available which users can choose to complete or not in order to contact the company online and which provides the Company with personal details. Other means of communication are available, where users are not required to provide their details on any form. There may be space on the forms for the provision of the user’s name, address and telephone number as well as other details, including work position and company the user works for. The provision of some of these details is obligatory in certain cases only in an attempt to further respect the user’s private details. This data is for the sole use of the Company and is utilized for provision of better service and improved communication with the user. The Company does not disclose this information to third parties. The Company may occasionally utilize the information internally to draw conclusions concerning the identity of groups of stakeholders and the characteristics of each group.

The above mentioned methods for privacy protection undertaken by the Company and which represent current Company policy will be published on this site.